Campers will Grow Reading Levels during summer months to ensure academic success in the upcoming school year while engaging in activities grounded in financial literacy to promote leadership.

The camp will feature classes in reading and financial literacy taught by certified teachers, plus enrichment classes in visual arts, acting, dance, and sports, along with weekly field trips.

FREE Summer Camp

JUNE 4th-JULY 6th

Ages 4-12   8am-3pm

Camp /Registration Location

421 Burdette St.

New Orleans, LA  70118

Please visit: for NORD requirements.



Lorraine Fedison-Winder will serve as Director of Camp E.L.C.E Where. Known to her students as Mrs. FW, she has 10 years of teaching experience, is the Founder and Director of Key Concepts Center for Learning, a Louisiana Department of Education Teacher of the Year Finalist, and a  New Orleans Saints Teacher of the Week. It was Fedison-Winder's vision to develop a summer program in order to improve reading levels at the start of the school year; as well as build character and leadership skills.


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