Grant Assistance

Nu Leaf International Outreach Services Inc., a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization provides grant assistance to new homebuyers who might not otherwise be able to afford the out-of-pocket costs needed to purchase a new home.  

In order to determine your eligibility for the grant assistance, we first need to understand who you and how we can help. Sounds simple right, It is.  Every program participant must start with a Pre-Qualification Financial Analysis.  The analysis is a generalized picture of you, your work history, income, debt, desired monthly mortgage payment and what type of property you are looking for.  The analysis is conducted by a realtor or mortgage professional and is absolutely FREE and absent of any further obligation.

Closing Cost Award Vouchers and Down Payment Assistance

Based on your financial analysis, your application will be reviewed to determine the amount of Down Payment and Closing Cost assistance you qualify for which can be as much as $20,000 in funds that you can use to cover the costs of the down payment and closing costs for a home purchase.   The awarded amount and your application will then be reviewed by one of our Nu Leaf International Outreach Services Inc. will ultimately award you a Down Payment & Closing Costs Voucher.  Again, the Voucher Awards can be as much as $20,000 and are based on your maximum loan qualification.

****Once you have completed the financial analysis, the award determination, and the acceptance of your award determination,  you will then be officially eligible to join the Home Buyers Program if you desire.

If you are ready to get started, apply for grant assistance by filling out the form below.  We look forward to helping you achieve your dream of buying a new home.